The First Industrial Revolution
1800s - 1860s

Mechanization, hydro power, and steam power

The Second Industrial Revolution
1860s - 1950s

Mass production, assembly lines and electricity

The Third Industrial Revolution
1950s - 2010s

Computer and automation

The Fourth Industrial Revolution
2010 - NOW

Cyber-physical systems

Let's start a new era of IoT (Internet of Things) technology with Pitech

With our high tech Zoovironment series, your entire home can be monitored and under your control.



Heart Beat

Our proprietary Heart Beat technology provides secure and stable communication while conserving up to 200% more battery life than the competitors.



Communication between our devices is protected by a multi-layer encryption scheme. Each layer has its own unique algorithm that changes continuously.

Ready for

IoT & AI

All of Pitech's devices are built with IoT and AI in mind, allowing easy interaction between devices and opening the possibilities to create a truly automated IoT network.


Zoovironment is what we call our line of IoT devices. Imagine being able to use just one “Pi” keyfob or your smartphone to control and manage all your access priviledges that used to require a key to open or unlock. Not only do we provide IoT devices, we also provide solutions for businesses that will help optimize costs, human resources, and manage information more effciently. Therefore enabling businesses the the ability to take better care of their customers.

Solutions that increase the quality of enterprises.

  • Human resource management
  • Office security system
  • Conference room management
  • Financial management system
  • Personal security system
  • Office security system


All you need is to carry a little keyfob and your smart devices (such as your rolling door, motorbike, safe…) will automatically recognize you and enable you to access them.

Connect to Scooters

Connect to Rolling Doors

Connect to Safe Boxes

Connect to Door Locks

Connect to padlocks

Connect to doorbells

Connect to Alarm systems

Wifi gateway

Connect to Scooters

At Pitech, our products are designed with the sole focus of protecting customers and their assets. With that in mind, we produced FOX - an innovative product that can keep us from harm while using our Scooters or provide security when it is unattended. Providing ease of mind to all our customers. FOX is a product within our Zoovironment system, which can be very easily controlled via a smart, multi-purpose fob that we call “Pi”.